Lee Sexton.

Quintessential & Legendary Aggressive Attorney.



      For nearly 40 years, Lee Sexton has worked his wonders in the courtrooms of this nation, but especially here in Georgia.  With his long white mane falling over the shoulders of his suit, Mr. Sexton bounces with great confidence throughout the corridors of power and courthouses, knowing that he has the skills to give his clients the best possible defense in their cases.  Mr. Sexton is a criminal defense attorney par excellence, respected by his peers and the jurists alike.  His personality is congenial, facile, and disarming.


     Lee Sexton has taken on many cases of public interests, even cases on the national stage.  For example, in 1997, a Caucasian school teacher in the Atlanta, Georgia area was falsely accused by an African American high school student who charged that the teacher solicited him for sex in exchange for a grade of an “A.”  The teacher appeared to be flabbergasted by this claim, but apparently because of the highly-charged political and racial atmosphere in this county, the District Attorney still determined to try this teacher in the Superior Court of the county, despite the fact that the teacher had already been exonerated in two other forums.  The young African American student was apparently politically connected in the county, and this seemed to add gasoline to a political and racial cauldron.  His sister was eventually elected to this school board and eventually was elected Chairperson of the board.


     Mr. Sexton did not waver nor wilt under the national spotlight.  The national media came to town with cameras and microphones everywhere.  The case went to the Superior Court for a three-day trial, with the media swirlingMr. Sexton knew about the student’s apparent involvement in a local burglary ring, but he couldn’t bring up the character issue until the prosecution opened the door.  When Mr. Sexton was cross examining the student’s mother, he tricked her into opening the door, and then Mr. Sexton jumped on it like a lion in the night!  The jury brought back a “Not Guilty” verdict!  This teacher, Doris Walker, did not go to prison, but continued her illustrious teaching career.  Mrs. Walker stated the publication of the Metro Association of Classroom Educators (MACE), “I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer!”  Dr. John Trotter, CEO of MACE stated:  “I have known Lee Sexton and followed his career for years.  Lee is a man of short statue but he towers in the courtroom.  What a delight it is to watch Lee Sexton in action.  He is the quintessential and legendary aggressive attorney.  As a union leader and a person active in the political process, I have gone through a few scrapes and been falsely arrested a few times myself.  I remember the first time that it happened.  I called Lee Sexton, and he jumped into action.  The other side got scared, and the false charges were dropped.  I owe a lot to Lee Sexton and will always be grateful to him!”


     Lee Sexton handles all kinds of criminal cases.  He has handled more murder cases than just about any lawyer in GeorgiaHe is a legend.


     Recently, GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain called upon the services of Lee Sexton.  The media caught up with Mr. Sexton at the airport, and Mr. Sexton stated that Mr. Cain was “mad as hell.” 



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Practice Areas

Criminal Defense (70%), Appellate (20%), White Collar (10%)


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Nationwide, but especially Georgia