Who Wants An Aggressive

Attorney?  All People Want An

Aggressive Attorney.  Yes, All!


By Preston Haliburton, President


      What is the American Association of Aggressive Attorneys (AAAA or Quad A) and why do the consumers need it?  As a consumer and as someone who has used many attorneys in the past, I know that when I am looking for an attorney, I don’t want any attorney unless he or she is an aggressive attorney.  Mealy-mouthed and weak-kneed lawyers are a bane for any client.  Sometimes attorneys act like they are afraid to offend the other side – or afraid to make the judge mad.  An attorney is bound by his or her ethical standards to fight for his or her client. 

     No client wants a weasel to represent them; all of the people whom I know want an aggressive advocate or defender to represent them.  All people want an aggressive attorney when it comes time to secure an attorney.  All.  We want a Bulldog or a Doberman, not a Poodle.   We want an attorney who is willing to fight for us.  This is why we as consumers formed, in conjunction with some aggressive attorneys, Quad A.  Since all potential clients are looking for aggressive lawyers, then we felt that AAAA was an idea whose time had come. 

     We envision having an organization with members nationwide so that when anyone is looking for an aggressive attorney, all they have to do is to look on the Quad A Directory and put in a location, and they can at least find some lawyer who describes himself or herself as “aggressive” in his or her representation of his or her clients.  This should at least as a good starting point for the consumer, and AAAA is a consumer-attorney consortium intent on identifying those attorneys who describe themselves as “aggressive attorneys” or “aggressive lawyers.”  

     With the foregoing in mind, we developed what is called the “Aggressive Attorney Creed.”  We are just launching this gargantuan effort to identify aggressive attorneys in the United States and to offer them membership in the American Association of Aggressive Attorneys (AAAA).  We are confident that this effort will pay off for the clients and the attorneys alike. 


Aggressive Attorney Creed

           The attorney must always aggressively fight for the rights of his or her clients, and there should never be any doubt as to whose side the attorney is on.  © AAAA, 2011. 


Why You Need An Aggressive Attorney!

     The real question is this: Why would you want and accept anything less than an aggressive attorney fighting for your rights?  You always need an aggressive attorney to fight for you and to go that extra mile when you have been wronged by the system.  Great changes in the history of this country were forged and made possible by many aggressive attorneys fighting for the betterment of our society.  From Colonial America and the Declaration of Independence to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, aggressive attorneys, not passive attorneys, have helped pave the way for a full enjoyment of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

      Many of the issues that matter the most to you in life (divorce and child custody, false criminal charges, major injuries or wrongful death due to automobile accidents or faulty products, DUI charges, just to name a few) cannot be resolved by docile, passive, and complacent attorneys who might be more concerned about the letter of the law than the spirit upon which the law operates or who might be more concerned about what the judge and opposing counsel think of them than what you think of them. Just think about the times that you wished that you had secured an aggressive attorney. How many times have you heard some friend bemoan the fact that his or her ex-spouse had a “barracuda” for an attorney during his or her divorce, and the lawyer who represented him or her was rolled over by the ex-spouse’s barracuda attorney? Don’t wait too late to secure an aggressive attorney.

      The attorneys and jurists of the American Association of Aggressive Attorneys (AAAA) deserve recognition for their commitment and support from their peers and citizens in the fight against injustice. They deserve support in the fight for the mentally incompetent, the indigent, and the physically disabled. The members of this professional service organization, AAAA, hold certain truths to be self-evident…that all American Citizens deserve aggressive attorneys who proclaim and act on their dedication and ethical obligation to aggressively fight for their clients’ best interests and to hold strong to what is good and true — fighting against injustice. An attorney does not have to scream and shout to be an aggressive attorney. An aggressive attorney may in reality be fairly quiet and unassuming in demeanor but one who doggedly and indefatigably fights for the interests of his or her clients. The contrast of an aggressive attorney is an attorney who is passive, cavalier, complacent, and indifferent about the interests of his or her clients and is often indisposed and inaccessible to these clients. Why would you want anything but an aggressive attorney? This is the real question.


What is the American Association

 of Aggressive Attorneys and How

 Does It Benefit You as a


     The American Association of Aggressive Attorneys (hereinafter “AAAA” or “Quad A“) is a consumer-attorney consortium intent on identifying for the American people those attorneys who describe themselves as “aggressive attorneys.” This identification is by no means an exhaustive list; the list will naturally be an evolving list, as attorneys retire, die, and others come along to assume the noble mantle of service.

      It is the express intent of the American Association of Aggressive Attorneys to solicit memberships solely from attorneys who perceive themselves to be “aggressive attorneys” and who also are members in good standing with their respective bar associations. AAAA cannot determine the outcome of your case nor the performance of any attorney(s) whom you may or may not select from AAAA’s website. AAAA only attempts to provide the potential clients with a listing of attorneys who have described themselves as “aggressive attorneys.” No warranty of such self-description is guaranteed, and AAAA encourages you to personally contact the attorneys listed on the website to make your own evaluation before selecting an attorney(s). AAAA only offers the names of these attorneys to facilitate you in your personal search for an “aggressive attorney(s),” and AAAA posits that its website is a good starting point for your search.


How Does Membership in the

 American Association of

 Aggressive Attorneys Benefit You

 as a Practicing Attorney?


     Introducing yourself as a Charter Member of the American Association of Aggressive Attorneys (AAAA) authenticates you with your clients and your potential clients who are looking for an aggressive attorney.

Personal Web Page

     On the AAAA website (www.aggressiveattorneys.org), you will have your own personal web page which will include, at your discretion, your bio, photos, videos, articles, and links (and other information of your choosing). You are on the internet…and in a positive way!

Latest Marketing & Technology

     The latest internet marketing and technology will be used to spread the word about the American Association of Aggressive Attorneys, driving potential clients to AggressiveAttorneys.Org where your web page is located.


     Logos, symbols, and well-spun and well-placed phrases or slogans attract potential customers and clients to a product or service. Large corporations like Coca-Cola, AFLAC, and WalMart understand the effectiveness of this type of marketing. You now have access to using AAAA’s very effective logo for your business cards. AAAA does the complete turn-around for your “Aggressive Attorney” business cards. In addition, you will receive a beautiful certificate of Charter Membership in the American Association of Aggressive Attorneys which can be displayed on the wall of your office.


     The cost is miniscule compared to the traditional “yellow page” type advertising which has become less and less effective. People now use internet search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo to shop for attorneys, especially “aggressive attorneys.” It is much, much more affordable than paying to be in any “super lawyer” type publication. Just one case coming off of AggressiveAttorneys.Org more than offsets any expense that you may incur for an entire year. Plus, as a Charter Member of AAAA, your membership fee will never increase.


     With other members of AAAA, you can associate cases. You can share concerns and discuss ideas and issues. You can seek counsel and advice about practices, judges, and/or opposing counsel. You don’t have to feel isolated anymore! Find that camaraderie among fellow members of the American Association of Aggressive Attorneys!


 Boxing barrister Preston Haliburton (l) does commentary on a professional fight here in Atlanta along with father Richard Haliburton (r), long-time boxing trainer who has had a who’s who array of boxers under his tutelage, including Four Time World Champion Evander Holyfield and the deceased World Champion Vernon ForrestPreston was two-time Southeastern Conference Champion while boxing for two years at the University of Georgia.  He fought collegitaley one year in law school where he racked up his third First Team All American accolade.  He is still undefeated (14 – 0) in the professional ranks where it is more and more difficult for Preston to secure an opponent.  In the last couple of years, Preston has taken to the ring to do color commentary on fights here in the United States and abroad.  Preston constantly shows his aggressive style and nimble moves in the courtrooms and at the negotiating tables.

Preston Haliburton – Video


Consumer Videos…


Steven M. (Steve) Frey (pronounced “fry”) is a highly regarded Georgia criminal attorney.  Frey combines his aggressive style with his charm and dogged determination to often work magic in the courtroom for his clients.


J. Anderson Ramay, Jr. (r) with teacher union leader Norreese Haynes (l).  Mr. Haynes recently stated:  “Mr. Ramay has quiet a reputation for fighting aggressively for his clients.  He may look young, but in the courtroom and in the hearings, I can assure you that he’s like an English Bulldog!” This Central and South Georgia aggressive attorney served several years as the General Counsel for the Metro Association of Classroom Educators (MACE).  He still serves as Of Counsel for MACE.


Cory Phillips. 

Standing in the Pocket for His

Clients at Forge Consulting!


     Cory Phillips, a Hart County native, is a graduate of the University of Georgia, majoring in Speech Communications.  But what many Georgia Bulldogs fans remember about Cory Phillips is not his Speech Communications major or his membership in Lamda Chi Fraternity or his active membership in The Gridiron Society.  No, what most rabid Dog fans remember is how Cory Phillips, a walk-on sophomore QB at UGA who earned a scholarship by the end of this freshman year, stepped up to the plate and knocked a grand slam out of the ballpark against the University of Kentucky in Lexington in 2000.  Perhaps, we used the wrong sports metaphor.  Let’s just say that when Georgia’s starting sensation, Quincy Carter who later played for the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys, went down, Coach Jim Donnan called upon Cory to step into the pocket.  Cory started against the University of Kentucky.   Against the University of Kentucky, Cory led the Dogs in a see-saw battle in a 34 to 30 victory, with Cory passing for a record 400 yards and four touchdowns.  This is still the passing record for any quarterback who has ever donned the Red & Black.  All day long, Cory, under intense pressure, stood in the pocket without flinching.  For this heroic feat from a first-time starter and a once-walk-on QB, it was indeed an impressive show of mettle.  Cory performed admirably for the Dogs during the rest of the 2000 season.



      Cory Phillip’s mettle continues to show in today’s business community.  Cory stands in the pocket for his clients, making sure that they can maximize their take-home money for the financial needs which they may have encumbered for life as a result of an accident or untimely death of a relative.  These clients have suffered immeasurable damages, and Cory is determined that he will work out a structured settlement in the best interest of his client, be it much-needed cash immediately to defray the unforeseen costs of their automobile accidents, mechanical mishaps, or the untimely loss of their precious loved ones or be it a settlement which is structured so that payouts come on a regular basis over a period of extended time.  Cory and his associates at Forge Consulting make sure that these settlements are done with deliberate care so as to reduce as much tax liability as the law will allow.  

      Cory applies his talent by proposing well thought-out, individualized plans for his clients. He has consulted on more than 500 cases, with a dollar exposure in excess of $1 billion in his seven years with Forge Consulting.  Cory is regularly invited to speak to Continuing Legal Education Seminars within programs associated with settlement disbursement issues.

      Cory successfully completed the Certification for Structured Settlement Professionals, administered by the National Structured Settlement Trade Association in cooperation with the University of Notre Dame Executive Education Department, earning his Certified Structured Settlement Consultant (CSSC) designation. He is licensed in Life, Health, and Property and Causality Insurance and also holds a Series 65 Investment Advisor License.

      Preston Haliburton, President of the American Association of Aggressive Attorneys (AAAA) and three-time First Team All American Boxer, has known Cory Phillips for many years, when both were athletes at the University of Georgia and were in the same fraternity.  Mr. Haliburton says this about Cory Phillips:   “Whether in the boxing ring or on the football field or at the negotiating table, there’s no one whom I would want in my corner than Cory PhillipsCory doesn’t wilt nor does his flee the pocket when the pressure mounts.  He is the quintessential stand-up man.  A man’s man.” 

      Originally from Northeast Georgia, Cory and his wife Courtney now live in Atlanta with their three children.

      If you would like more information on the services offered by Forge Consulting, please call Cory toll-free at 866-68-FORGE (866-683-6743).  Attorneys, Cory will stand in the pocket for your clients!


 James Oxford, Aggressive Attorney.

 James (Jim) Oxford of the Oxford Law Firm which is located in downtown Greensboro, Georgia and serves the residents of the Oconee River Valley (Greene, Putnam, and Morgan Counties especially) has shown quite a bit of muscle for his clients in the courtrooms of Georgia.  Last year, Mr. Oxford’s representation of a client garnered the client one of the largest awards in Georgia.  Mr. Oxford’s Southern drawl and downhome charm keep the jurors spellbound.


A Tribute To Reynold Kosek

By Dr. John R. Alston Trotter

[Editor’s Note:  Dr. Trotter wrote this tribute at the requests of alumni of the Mercer University’s Walter F. George School of Law to honor the long-time and legendary professor of contracts and sales at Mercer who both intimidated and inspired students of law at Mercer.  Though the presence in Professor Kosek’s class was a daunting experience for any young IL neophyte, Dr. Trotter matriculated at Mercer Law at the ripe age of 47 and thus naturally had a slightly different perspective than most of the “youngsters” in law school.  But, Dr. Trotter, who has served as Chairman and CEO of the Metro Association of Classroom Educators (MACE) for the past 17 years, recently stated:  “Professor Kosek’s gravitas and no-non-sense approach was enough to have even an old warhorse like me on the edge in the classroom.  I observed that those who were intimidated by Professor Kosek ended up respecting and adoring him.”  Professor Kosek has been battling a serious form of cancer for the past two years.  He resides with his wife Janine in Florida.  Dr. Trotter never sat for the Bar and does not practice law but he frequently calls upon the services of “aggressive attorneys.”] 


    I suppose that most of you are like me…busier than a one-arm paper-hanger.   But, when the call goes forth about paying a tribute to the venerable Reynold Kosek, how can any of us find ourselves too busy to pay tribute to this great professor and gentlemen?  A scholar and a gentleman indeed, though after the first session in our 1L Contracts class, many of us neophytes (and I was a crusty 47 years old at the time) may have doubted the latter appellation.  From the first chicken-scratched, staccato pronouncement on the green chalkboard that “[t]here are three theories of legal obligation…agreement with consideration, promissory estoppel, and unjust enrichment” to the last day of class when we had a party and actually witnessed his West Virginia grin, we still entered the classroom each day (four days for Contracts, remember?) with “fear and trembling” (to borrow one of Kierkegaard’s phrases).  (I can only imagine how the 22 year olds felt.  I actually was smelling like smoke when I entered Mercer Law because I had been through a few fires already.)  He was our Professor Kingsfield, and if you youngsters have ever watched The Paper Chase (with John Houseman earning an Oscar playing the role of the feared Professor of Contracts), then you will know what I am talking about.  (Kingsfield’s famous quote:  “You teach yourselves the law.  I train your minds.  You come in here with a skull full of mush, and if you survive, you will leave thinking like a lawyer.”  Isn’t this what Professor Kosek does?)  Professor Kosek intimidates and inspires at the same time, preparing young students of the law to think clearly, to write cogently, and to not quake before the inquiries from a judge or a jury.  Although I have never sat for the Bar myself, I have witnessed several of my classmates in that infamous “Section Five” of the Class of 2004 (yes, the class of The Malum Law Review) mature into confident and aggressive barristers.  In fact, just the other day, Preston Lee Haliburton himself (the young soul who was wont to waffle a time or two) bowed up to an elected Superior Court judge here in the Metro Atlanta area who was apparently violating the civil rights of his client.  The judge made an idle threat to jail Haliburton himself, but the boxing barrister stood his ground, and the judge caved in.  J. Anderson Ramay, Jr., has indeed become an Aggressive Attorney who fights like hell for his clients.  I have retained both of these gentlemen on many occasions.  Jason Tarokh is barred in both South Carolina and Florida and is kicking butt on a regular basis.  Without the “Kosek Experience,” these rather cherubic and congenial souls would have probably wilted under their first conflict in the courtroom.  But, compared to Marine sergeant-type drilling from Professor Kosek, the rest is just a chunk of Claxton Fruitcake.

    I got a real kick out of Professor Kosek’s fondness for Justice Benjamin Cardozo.  To Professor Kosek, Cardozo was like Herschel Walker to Georgia Bulldog fans and Tim Tebow to Florida Gator fans.  So, not unlike “young Hart” (played by Timothy Bottoms) in his fascination with Professor Kingsfield, I adopted Justice Cardozo as my patron Justice as well.  How can you blame me?  He spun phrases like “mere venality” when rendering his substantive decision on substantial performance in Jacob & Youngs v. Kent (1921) while serving on the Court of Appeals of New York (New York’s highest court; y’all remember that, eh?).  For the record, one of Cardozo’s tutors when he was young was Horatio Alger.  Also for the record, the Cardozo appointment to the U. S. Supreme Court was one of President Hoover’s best moves.  

    Professor Kosek divided our small section Contracts class into groups of three.  But, poor Timmy Thompson and I were put together in a group composed of just the two of us.  Therefore, we had more times to be called upon.  Plus, our seats were at a little table in the middle of the little room.  As I mentioned before, Contracts class met four days each week, and this was a steady pace, especially for a person like me who had a family and had to keep constant tabs on a business.  But, some of my comrades and I noted that Lil Rooster (aka Preston Dawkins) was right on target with his answers and was making the rest of us look a little lackluster in our response to Professor Kosek’s Socratic inquiries.  About this time, I began to hear about “outlines” (of which I obviously did not have the time nor inclination to do).  But, being the enterprising 1L that I was, I secured a bundle of old outlines from The Kidd (aka Trummie Lee Patrick), a 3L who was serving as President of the Student Bar Association.  My comrades and I made a trek to Kinko’s on Tom Hill Boulevardand made several copies of my catch, and then we returned to the law school that evening carrying several large boxes of outlines.   We headed to the Furman Smith Library, and they asked:  “Why are going through the library?”  I replied:  “We’re going to troll through the library.”  I wanted to catch bigger fish.  When trolling through the library, Lil Rooster happened to be in there and standing by one of the copiers.  He came up and ask, “Trotter, what you got there?”  I said, “Oh, just some outlines.”  “Can I see?” he further inquired.  My response:  “Lil Rooster, you’ve got something in Contracts that we ain’t got.  Now give it up right now, and you can have whatever I’ve got.”  The first big exchange was made.  I was now in the clandestine outline business.  We got a copy of the Big, Blue Marlin (“the Ed Love Outline,” as we piously referred to it).  Yes, Preston Dawkins and Ed Love were from the same hometown in South Carolina, and Ed had taken care of his Homie.  Now the Boys of Malum were set for Contracts.  Ed Love’s resplendent outline for Professor Kosek’s class had the “Wikipedia” answer for each “Kosek inquiry.”  We had secured the Holy Grail for Contracts.  This, by the way, is how Haliburton was able to answer with such inordinate confidence:  “Because beauty is in the eye of the beholder!”  Our professor responded:   “Right, Mr. Haliburton!  You are exactly right!”  Mr. Haliburton, in his excitement, sheepishly retorted that he had “Shephardized” the case.  But, it was a case from the Exchequer in England!  We just rolled our eyes.  I think that Professor Kosek intoned:  “Mr. Haliburton, you’re going to be a great lawyer…ever confident but always wrong!”  This is just one of the many poignant episodes which happened in that 1L Contracts class.  Had I not had the initial “misfortune” of drawing Professor Kosek for Contracts, I think that I would now feel cheated.  It is the war stories which make grist for the law school mill.  And, we were so happy that we had caught the Big, Blue Marlin!  It made the last half of the semester more bearable.  I went on to become the Outline Pimp of the Law School and Editor-in-Chief of The Malum Law Review.

     In my last semester of law school, I signed up for Professor Kosek’s Remedies class.  I had to get one more experience of Professor Kosek before exiting my sabbatical years and returning to the real world!  I still use concepts like “She relied upon your promise to her detriment” or “You have a duty to mitigate” to this day, even though I am not a lawyer.

    Professor Reynold Kosek made a lasting impression on me, and I feel fortunate to have benefitted from his tutelage.  We had our own Horatio Alger tutoring us.  Live on, Cardozo, live on!